Debt  Problems with Property?

We can solve your pre-foreclosure problem within 20 days:

We'll discharge your entire mortgage with private funds. This is not a loan, it is remedy in law. 

We charge a monthly payment that of 50% of the fair-market cost to own your home;

for you to use our time, documents and research to discharge your mortgage debt.

Poor credit rating and no equity are not obstacles, because we're betting on the future.

So, don' hurt yourself with a short-sale, bankruptcy, loan modification or letting the bank take your property.

NOTICE: This website intended solely for the members of the Private Association "Financial Health People"

N o matter what your mortgage situation is,

we can discharge [payoff]   your mortgage with

our negotiable instrument within 20 days,

even if you have poor credit or no equity.


Negative equity is no problem too. 

We have TWO processes to remove the threat of

foreclosure (the following is a simplified overview):

First, we give you our negotiable instrument to send to

the bank. (It is very similar to the promissory note you

bought your property with, except ours completely discharges

your mortgage debt so that you owe no more payments

to the bank.

Under the law, the bank must accept our negotiable instrument. 

The "Terms & Conditions" in our note cite the laws and U.N. Treaty

which say your debt is completely discharged upon the banks receipt.

Here's a small sample of those laws (there are more shown on

the pages of this website:)

U.C.C. § 3-310 (2)

   (2) . . .  Payment of the note results in

        discharge of the obligation to the extent

        of the payment.



UCC 3-104(e)

       (e) An instrument is a "note" if it is a promise 


Even if the bank refuses the note, it is still discharged by law:

U.C.C. 3 §  603(b) Tender of Payment.

    (b) If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is

          made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the

          tender is refused, there is a discharge, to the extent of the amount

          of the tender, . . .


IMPORTANT:  So, whether the bank accepts it or rejects it, your debt is

paid the moment they receive our Negotiable Instrument in their hands!


The second process we implement is arbitration.



Because sometimes, after the bank receives our

negotiable instrument, they will immediately issue a record-able

"Release and Satisfaction" demonstrating your mortgage is

completely discharged. However, other times, they will not.


The reason the banks will sometimes dishonor negotiable

instrument law (by not giving the discharge), is they

can't make as much money on ours.


That's because they are accustomed to getting paid as many

as 7 times by selling a promissory note, but they don't get paid

that many times with our negotiable instrument).


So, to resolve that we take them to arbitration (which is a

very affordable and simple process.


Under federal law, an arbitration ruling is "irrevocable"

- meaning, a court cannot overturn it. (It is far more 

straightforward and honest, than court.)

In the arbitration process, we not only obtain a ruling that

the mortgage has been completely satisfied by our negotiable

instrument (based on negotiable instrument laws and U.N.

Treaty discussed in this website), we also cause the the bank to

tacitly admit:


  • they owe you an award of damages for failing to provide

       an immediate Release and Satisfaction of the mortgage upon

       receipt of our negotiable instrument;

  • they have no rights to collect on the alleged mortgage debt 

       (because they had no "security interest" in the note (we'll

       explain this more later), plus they separated it from the

       mortgage and sold it; and therefore have no rights to foreclose;

  • they owe you money for all the payments they collected from you

       while never having a "security interest" in the note and since they

       sold the mortgage (-which they did prior to you going to closing!).

  • they owe you an award of damages for the oppression of collecting payments that were not owed to them plus threatening you with foreclosure;

  • they owe you money for your time & expenses maintaining the property;

Don't worry, your loan is not an exception; all mortgages involve

fatal errors that disqualify and negate the enforcement of the mortgage.

There are four educational articles you must complete 

before we will help you remove your mortgage. It takes

about 2.5 hours to complete all four. And there is no charge.

We will definitely not help anyone who doesn't carefully

study that education. 


The reason is, you are not going to take action, until you

believe removing your mortgage can be done, and you

won't believe it until you have the knowledge.

The testimonials we can show you, are not enough;

you need knowledge of why and how this works.

We are very firm about that requirement.

So, if you are willing to commit 2.5 hours to learning

how to remove your mortgage, plus, get your credit score

restored and seek to be awarded damages, then, please

complete the form below. In the message section, be sure

to put the address of the property that is behind on payments

otherwise we will not respond. If your mailing address

is different, then add that too, please.

Then text "ck email" to our computer app, so

we know to give you the password to access the

education pages herein.  

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