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Debt  Problems with Property?

Poor credit rating and no equity are not obstacles, because we're betting on the future.

Remove all mortgages debts by an arbitration ruling. Your credit report will show "PAID".

We charge a small monthly fee.

So, don' hurt yourself with a short-sale, bankruptcy, loan modification or letting the bank take your property.

No matter what your mortgage or business debt situation is,

we can discharge [payoff] your debt with our negotiable instrument,

even if you have poor credit or no equity. Even negative equity is no

problem.  We can also stop any foreclosure.

This is not a loan.

Instead, we help you implement a combination of TWO PROCESSES:

First, we implement a debt validation process  which creates evidence that

the bank does NOT own the debt they are trying to collect against you (which

is true 100% of the time, as you will learn on the his website).

Second, we give you our negotiable instrument (promissory note) to give

to the bank, which  completely discharges (pays-off) your entire debt. 

Then you will summons the bank to an arbitration, wherein they 

will fail to show you you own them a debt. This applies to every

mortgage. No Exceptions.  YOU are not an exception.


Why does our process work?

The first of several reasons is, because the bank always sells your

promissory note. Always.

So, they are unable to validate (prove) that they are the owner

of the alleged debt they are trying to collect against you.

Meaning, they can never produce the original in court.

Never!  You are not an exception. 

Without the original, they forfeit their right to collect on it

(see the laws discussed on the pages of this website).


The institution they sold it to, cannot collect on it either, because

when the originating bank sold it, they illegally placed an allonge on it 

(an endorsement signature box), to sign it over to the next bank.

That allonge alters the note so that it is no longer an original.

Only an original can be enforced, so effectively, they've

destroyed the original.


They don't want you or the court to see that allonge because it

would expose their nationwide, systemic fraud. Once they sold

it, they were legally paid in full; look this up in Google: 

U.C.C. § 3-310 (2)

   (2) . . .  Payment of the note results in

        discharge of the obligation to the extent

        of the payment.


SWe utilize an arbitration service to force the bank to respond

to 28 demands. They will fail every time.

Then the arbitrator issues a ruling and no court can overturn

that ruling, per federal law  (United States Code Title 9 sections 2 & 6).

We petition the arbitrator to rule that the bank must:

(1)  Provide you a complete discharge of the mortgage in the form

of a customary, record-able  "Release and Satisfaction" of the debt.

(2)  Remove all negative reporting from all the major credit bureaus

(3) Pay you damages equal to the amount of the mortage they

were charging against you, plus all payments you made on it

We give you a NEW  promissory note (negotiable instrument) that

you send to the bank to replace your old one. The bank must, by law

accept it.


Your route it through an Escrow Agent, to establish neutral,

3rd party  evidence that you have now discharged the mortgage

and no longer owe any payments; pursuant to the laws shown

on the page of this  website (PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE  WEBSITE!)


In arbitration, we will also show that the bank illegally separates

the note from the mortgage instrument by bundling your

mortgage with other mortgages, to be sold as

"mortgage backed  securities".


So, once again, they've destroyed their enforcement ability

because they no longer have the original, plus a not is not

enforceable once it is separated from the mortgage.

They can NEVER bring the original, unaltered note into court!

And they can never bring the original mortgage instrument

into court.

So, we win on the debt validation process.  (You will know this

for certain, and right away because they will not be able

to show it to you, even though you offer to meet them in person!)


There are several other reasons which make it illegal for them to

collect on the alleged debt (as you will learn in this website).


The second part of our process is, we'll give you our negotiable

instrument (a NEW promissory) to present to the bank to

fully discharge (pay-off) your mortgage.


It is simply a valuable, negotiable instrument that discharges your

entire debt, pursuant to the laws and U.S. treaty

discussed  on this website (and written into the instrument). 

When we route that negotiable instrument through an Escrow agent

to your bank, the bank should send you a "Release and Satisfaction"

of the alleged debt.  However, if the bank refuses, then the paperwork

we provide you, can cause the arbitrator to apply the laws and

international treaty, which mandate that your bank must accept our

Negotiable Instrument (promissory note) and must give you

a "Release and Satisfaction" acknowledging your debt is completely paid off.

The arbitrator will observe the laws and U.S. treaty.  It is so straightforward

that you do not need an attorney. This process takes about 30 hours total.

Interestingly, the law says that, even if they reject our negotiable instrument

(or any negotiable instrument) then the alleged debt is still totally discharged

(paid-off) !   So, either way you win - just search Google for:


U.C.C. 3 §  603(b) Tender of Payment.

    (b) If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is

          made to person entitled to enforce the instrument and the

          tender is refused, there is discharge, to the extent of the amount

          of the tender, . . .


IMPORTANT:  So, whether the bank accepts it or rejects it, your debt is

paid the moment they receive our Negotiable Instrument in their hands!

Again, we are combining a proven debt validation process (making them

prove they are the holder of the Original, unaltered note - which they

can never accomplish) .... and ... we are giving them our NEW promissory

note (a.k.a. negotiable instrument) which they must accept as a complete

discharge, payoff and settlement of your debt - as required by federal

law, the Uniform Commercial Code and international treaty known as

"UNCITRAL" - the "UN Convention on International Bills of Exchange".


In other words, by law and treaty, our negotiable instrument REPLACES

the promissory note you gave the bank when you took out the alleged loan.

(Just like a refinance replaces the terms of your first loan.)


That's a crucial lesson for you to grasp, because one of the "Terms and

Conditions" in our negotiable instrument states that, if they sell this note 

(which they ALWAYS do!), you are released from all liability!

-So, we are leveraging the bank's greed - knowing they ALWAYS sell it!

(They ALWAYS sell it immediately, because they get paid at least 7 times 

- i.e.: on each time it sells; plus other ways which will be explained herein.)

The only reason the drag their feet giving you the discharge, is they can't

get paid multiple times once they give you the Release and Satisfaction!

They want to get paid 7 times by selling to other banks!

That's how greedy they are. We are turning that greed to our 

advantage - because they will sell it immediately and so, will not be able

to produce in arbitration - which itself is an admission they've been paid.)


IMPORTANT INSIGHT: Our negotiable instrument  (promissory note) is

very similar to the one you gave to the bank originally; EXCEPT, we add 

several ingredients which cause your debt to be completely discharged

(paid-off); so that you have no more payments to the bank.


Once the arbitrator issues a ruling in your favor, you will not owe anything

to anyone. Because under Title 9 of the United States Code, a court

cannot overturn the decision of an arbitrator! It is a final decision!

In arrears?  -This is a far superior solution to short-sale,

loan modification, bankruptcy, foreclosure and giving the

property to the bank (a.k.a cash for keys / deed in lieu).

Those methods have horrible consequences:

Bankruptcy and short-sales ruin your credit rating for years!


A loan modification leaves you choking on payments for years.

Giving your property back to the bank ruins your credit for years.

There is no need to choke on monthly debt payments for years

or destroy your credit rating.

Instead, we help you convert your debt into equity. 


Wouldn't you rather have your credit report show "PAID", plus 

convert most of your debt into use-able equity? 


All mortgage types and business loans. 

All loan sizes.

Even negative equity and reverse mortgages.


Pay-off your debt within 30 days, even with poor credit and no equity.


See the testimonials on this site.


Since you and your advisors have probably not invested years studying

negotiable instrument law and implementing it like we do, then both of

you are probably not familiar with exactly how to implement the foregoing



So, it is imperative that you treat this as an educational training, by intently

studying this entire website. It is your future at stake. 


Knowledge is power (-  when combined with action).

Your future will be far more affluent, with plenty of cash-flow and free time

to enjoy it. And you can do this over and over.

There is a LEARNING CURVE here. You must invest at least an hour to learn.

And there is a process that takes about 30 hours to complete.


The rewards are life-changing!

To succeed, you need to learn it yourself first, so some half-cocked advisor

doesn't derail you. (Very few paid advisors will swallow their pride and admit

they are not experts in debt validation, nor the laws and U.S. treaty behind our

negotiable instrument. Nor is it likely they have ever succeeded at it.)


This will not work for people who depend excessively on advisers to do their

thinking for them. Because, as you will see, this is extremely specialized knowledge.

Very few people are aware of all parts of this knowledge.


We encourage you to verify every law and concept presented in the pages of

this website, by searching the internet.

Also, to succeed, you need to be a confident, go-getter type person, willing to

assert yourself.

The moral issue: Simple. You don't owe them any money because they never

gave anything of value. Absolutely nothing, as you will learn herein.


After we help you payoff your mortgage, you will not owe anything the bank.

And your credit report will show "PAID".

Do you know someone who needs to solve a mortgage or business debt problem?

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DISCLAIMER: No action, inaction or advise is being recommended here; all content is provided for educational purposes only; and only for members of our private association. If you need advice, contact a professional and competent advisor, if you can find one.